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Hong Kong Federation of Business Students, HKFBS, is a non-profit organisation managed by local business undergraduates, with more than 20,000 members from the 10 local universities. We are the only organisation that includes the widest spectrum of local students from the business field.


HKFBS was founded in January 1985. We represent all local business undergraduates, and serve them by fostering their friendship, co-ordination and mutual understanding. We endeavour to assist them in becoming prominent figures in business with sound academic knowledge, excellent managerial skills, as well as help them gain an understanding of real business environment.


  • To represent students of member societies in local and foreign affairs;
  • To promote and safeguard the interest and welfare of all members of the Federation;
  • To foster friendship, co-ordination and mutual understanding among members of the Federation;
  • To organise, coordinate and support further academic, social and sports activities among members;
  • To encourage the development of business students in Hong Kong; and
  • To establish cordial communication and relationship with other kindred organisation, business organisations and the community.
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Structure of HKFBS

HKFBS consists of the Advisory Board, the Council, the Executive Committee and the Member Societies. Advisory Board is a group of professionals who advise the council. The Council is the legislation, supervisor and judiciary body of the Federation. As the highest executive body, the Executive Committee is responsible for the running of the whole Federation. The Member Societies are the business students organisation of the 10 local universities.


Our constitution (last revised in AGM 2022) is available for download here.

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