Apple AR Workshop

WORKSHOP SERIES - Apple [AR]T Lab: AR Experiences Co-created with Sarah Rothberg

Augmented Reality (AR) has been a new technology that has been widely applied in businesses, such as Apple, Nike, Chanel, to visualize products with technology. In view of the trend, we are pleased to host an Augmented Reality (AR) Experience Workshop in collaboration with Causeway Bay Apple Store. Apple Creatives will guide us through the creating process and coding exercises. You'll learn to combine AR elements in Swift Playgrounds on iPad. This event is open to all students, no programming background is needed to fully enjoy the fun of creating an AR space.

Details of the workshop are as follows:

Date: 19th December, 2019
Time: 12:30pm - 2:00pm
Venue: Apple Causeway Bay, Hysan Place
Language: Cantonese

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