About ESG Challenge 2024

ESG Challenge 2024


About ESG Challenge 2024

ESG Challenge 2024 is a function which aims at unleashing university students’ potential by raising their awareness of Environmental, Social, and Governance. Stepping into its third year, HKFBS will continue to establish cordial communication and relationships with various organisations, members, as well as the student community. Through this function, we hope to promote the importance and the benefits of impact investing to more students and to allow participants to get in touch with real-life businesses, by attending the Experiential Workshop and Competition sessions, participants gain golden opportunities to interact with business elites as well as increase understanding of different present innovative ESG solutions of well-known companies, which can inspire their thoughts and broaden their horizons.

The theme of ESG Challenge 2024 is “Investment for Impact”. Given the myriad of ESG-related risks, every industry is under increased scrutiny to operate responsibly. Investors are now more than ever leveraging their capital to influence corporate behaviours, aiming to improve the current situation. The ethos of impact investing is centered on creating beneficial social and environmental effects while preserving, growing or engaging capital. It has become a critical strategy for generating sustainable impact. Navigating this has become critical for companies to generate sustainable impact.

ESG Challenge 2024 - Investment for Impact consists of 4 components, namely the Opening Ceremony, Experiential Workshop, mentorship section, and Grand Final. Each part is connected and accompanied by relevant activities hosted by different renowned institutes in order to share with students the challenges of specific topics and aims to invite innovative solutions. The whole process will be assessed by the Evaluation Committees from our Title Sponsor, Supporting organizations, and Universities’ professors.

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