Interview Sessions

Hong Kong Outstanding Business Students Award 2015

Interview Sessions

The Interview Sessions was successfully held on 21 March and 11 April. The First-Round Interview consisted of Group Discussion and Presentation. A total of 45 candidates were selected to go through this round of assessment.

In the Group Discussion, 5 candidates from same university were grouped together to discuss a business-related question, which required decent communication and critical thinking skills.

In the Presentation, candidates were required to analyse and solve a given business case, and present their ideas to the Evaluation Committee from the academic and business fields.

18 candidates were then selected to go through the Second-Round Interview. It was an individual interview when candidates must show their all-round skills to the Evaluation Committee. The best candidates were eventually selected, after the Promotion Challenge, to be the finalists. The finalists are now preparing for Youth Business Elites Forum, which is going to be held on May 24, 2015.

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