Competition Format

KPMG Business Administration Paper 2013

Competition Format

Business Administration Paper invites innovative business ideas on the year's theme. KPMG BA Paper 2013 consists of three stages, namely, the Internal Assessment, Semi-Final and Grand Final, separated by two challenges: Promotion Challenge and Contingency Challenge.

Internal Assessment

Participants are required to submit a 5-page Executive Summary for evaluation by the Evaluation Committee (EC), and to submit online an advertisement for Promotion Challenge.

The Evaluation Committee will select 9 local teams and 3 foreign teams to enter the Semi-Final.

Promotion Challenge

Participants are required to submit an advertisement online to promote their business, which will be put onto the Facebook page of HKFBS to collect "Likes" for a Cash Reward*. Teams with the most "Likes" will also be awarded bonus marks if they enter the Semi-Final.

Note: amount of "Likes" accumulated will not affect the chances of entering the Semi-Final.


Semi-Finalists will be required to submit a 15-page detailed written report with full details of the business included, for example: financials, marketing plan, market analysis, etc. The written report shall be accompanied with an oral presentation in front of the Evaluation Committee. (Foreign teams need to take a video of their oral presentations and send to HKFBS for examination.) They will also need to participate in the Contingency Challenge (see below).

Contingency Challenge

A contingency situation related to the competition will be released at a preassigned time. Participants are required to submit a one-page answer to the case in 2 hours, through submitting the answer to the official BA Paper website. The answer will be evaluated, and the best team will be presented "The Best Contingency Planner Award".>.

The four local teams with the highest scores and the best foreign team will enter the final round of selection - Grand Final to be held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

One foreign team will be selected from the Second Round teams to be crowned winner of the Global Round. The team will win a trip to Hong Kong to compete in the Grand Final**.

Grand Final

The five finalist teams with one foreign team included are expected to submit a 20-page full proposal. They are also required to do an oral presentation to the full panel of judges including both Academic and Business Evaluation Committees in the Grand Final.

*A Cash Reward will be given to the team with the most "Likes" collected for their advertisement. The winning team will be rewarded on the basis of "1 Like=HK$1", with a maximum of HK$500.
**A subsidy of maximum HKD 10,000 for the team will be provided.

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