Promotion Challenge

KPMG Business Administration Paper 2013

Promotion Challenge

After handing in the Executive Summary, each team is required to submit an advertise ent to promote their business.

The advertisement will be put on the HKFBS Facebook page to collect "Likes". The team with the most "Likes" will be given a cash bonus on the basis of "1 'Like' = HKD 1" (HKD 500 maximum).

Specifications of the advertisement submission

  • The size of the advertisement should be 768 pixels x 576 pixels (width x height).
  • The advertisement should be displayed on a .jpg file (you can design with Photoshop, photoImpact, convert a word file to .jpg, or any other means possible)
  • Language: English
  • Team number should be placed at the upper left hand corner
  • You are free to diversify the picture with graphics, background patterns, or logos, etc.

Album Link: Click here
Submission deadline: 17 November 2013
Submission method: Please send the file to

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