Result Announcement

KPMG Business Administration Paper 2013

Result Announcement

Local Teams

Congratulations to the following local teams who were selected to Grand Final:
Teams: 2284, 2704, 5915, 5958

They will enter Grand Final on January 26, 2014 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Global Round

Congratulations to Team 109 who has successfully entered Grand Final.

The winning team will enter the Grand Final in Hong Kong to compete with Hong Kong's local representatives.

Certificates of Merit

As a recognition of the high quality works, the following teams will receive a Certificate of Merit:

Hong Kong Baptist University: Team 3670; Team 5953
The University of Hong Kong: Team 3305; Team 5462
Lingnan University: Team 5326; Team 5964
The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Team 5273; Team 5893
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: Team 4148; Team 5932
City University of Hong Kong: Team 5309; Team 5878
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Team 3401; Team 4198
Hong Kong Shue Yan University: Team 4806; Team 5590
The Open University of Hong Kong: Team 1526; Team 2256

Promotion Challenge

Congratulations to the winning team of Promotion Challenge:
Team 5721


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