Rules & Regulations

KPMG Business Administration Paper 2013

Rules & Regulations


  • All full-time undergraduates (not exclusive to business students)
  • Teams should consist of 2 to 4 members from the SAME university
  • At least one team member is a full-time business undergraduate

General Requirements

  • Late submission of any required material will be assumed by HKFBS as withdrawal from the competition.
  • Local participating teams must send representatives to attend ALL compulsory events organized by HKFBS for BA Paper 2013 (including Opening Ceremony and Training Session, Grand Final, etc.).

Teams that fail to commit to the above requirements will be disqualified.

Specifications of the Executive Summary

  • Internal Assessment: The length of the Executive Summary should not exceed five A4-sized pages with cover page and appendix included.
  • The Executive Summary should be submitted in softcopy in .pdf format and be named your team number e.g. Team 100
  • Times New Roman with font size 12pt and 1.5 lined spacing are required.
  • 1 inch margins is required.
  • ONLY the name of the university (also the name of the region for Foreign Teams) and the team number are to be placed on the cover page for identification. Names of participants should not appear in the Executive Summary.
  • Content wise, you could touch on topics like your marketing plan, product features, target customer analysis, market dynamics, etc.

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